Jeremy Green

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“I’m in the room for a reason. I’ve also worked to create my own space, a space more authentic to who I am.”

Words by Justice Nanana + Photos by Mark Clennon

Jeremy Green is the founder of Calling All Creators, a footwear design agency that uses the global creative community as it’s premiere resource. Supported in part by Adidas, CAC’s mission statement is “to change the performance footwear industry as we know it.” Their focus is on fostering a creative vision, integral to which, is an ardent social focus. This sentiment is intimately personal to Jeremy and he carries it with him wherever he goes. Green’s personal mission, to elevate his family into a new economic level, is relatable to any son or daughter who have witnessed the hardships of financial instability. He wears that burden, and I respect him for it.  Spiritually focused, Green uses energy consciously and values connecting with people above all else. His company revolves around this same open-source attitude. 

For this ‘Thoughts Become Things’ series, could you share a positive thought that you often have and a negative thought that you often have?

Positive thought is definitely that I’m headed in the right direction. Even being included in the company of the amazing creatives that have been profiled for this series.

Negative thought is surrounded around doubt. Doubt over the feasibility to build how I would like (in my head.) But I often get over the doubt by knowing that I only have one shot, so I have to do my best.

James Baldwin said, “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” What history do you carry with you most as a contemporary creator?

I feel the spirit of my grandmother and grandfather with me often. I want to transcend my family to a level of wealth, happiness, that has just never happened. I feel my family with me everywhere.

How do you navigate working in spaces that don’t feel supportive of you or in line with your beliefs?

I remind myself that these are spaces that I worked hard to be in. I’m in the room for a reason. I’ve also worked to create my own space, a space more authentic to who I am.

True or false- “When they go low, we go high.”   


Greatest challenge and greatest benefit of being a minority in a creative industry?

Greatest challenge is convincing people that you deserve to be heard. Not only do I deserve to be heard, but my ideas can more authentically speak to consumers that brands are trying to reach.

Greatest benefit is that I am more tapped into the culture that the industry is so infatuated with.

How do you use your community to move your goals forward?

I structured my business around an open-sourced community. So it’s literally the core of how my business runs. Collaborating with designers, feedback from community members, it’s the heartbeat of my company.

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