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“I gravitate towards my friends who ground me and represent a framework of sanity for what might not be sane outside in the world.”

Words by Justice Nnnanna + Photos by Mark Clennon

Alex Wolf makes proclamations. Her website bio probably says it best, “I’m a sensitive artist turned grumpy internet ecology writer (and speaker) who has recently pivoted to video because people don’t have the attention span to read.” Her attitude feels more assured then grumpy, but her message is unmistakable—“salvaging art intellectualism and the quality of human relationships is the triad of meaning.” Wolf has been called a digital anthropologist, a creative entrepreneur, a social influencer, all terms seem too confined for the outspoken visionary. She communicates her visions and wonderings as a writer, where she has cultivated an intellectually curious audience of 20k plus through her private email list and social media platforms.

For this ‘Thoughts Become Things’ series, could you share a positive thought that you often have and a negative thought that you often have?

Positive thought is that as we get older, we start to see what the point of life is. And… we have no choice but to get older.

Negative thought is that I believe technology is hijacking our quality of life.

How do you maintain a positive relationship with social media

I’m calling Instagram out and saying that using Instagram is like using a red crayon to draw a rainbow. It is a poorly designed tool for expressing yourself authentically to your friends. its design makes you become someone you’re not and makes you focus on the front-facing gamification methods that makes us compete with each other. So, I don’t know if I can maintain a good relationship with a tool that is mostly harmful. My relationship with it is from habit and necessity. Its design doesn't add value, but its byproduct has offered value because I’ve been able to build an audience.

How do you navigate working in spaces that don’t feel supportive of you or in line your beliefs?

I gravitate towards my friends who ground me and represent a framework of sanity for what might not be sane outside in the world. Keeping good quality people around me who have aligning values and perspectives.

How do you use your community to move your goals forward?

I’m an internet girl. I’m always thinking about how to cultivate community online. I think it’s about articulating interest. Getting people to sign up, or getting people to participate via their genuine interests.

Everything I talk about on my platform is sort of cautionary subject matter for artists and thinkers and people who care about having real, human, experiences. Because real human experiences matter.

Greatest challenge and greatest benefit of being a minority in a creative industry?

Greatest challenge and benefit is that I constantly shock people. I could have picked a different life. Doing something that was more aesthetically based, but I chose not to because I think that there’s more meaning to life when you focus on the substance, and not just perception.

True or false- “When they go low, we go high.”

Everyone’s going low right now. I think it’s pretty good advice though.

What’s the most integral component of your creative process?


Describe your vision of success?

The definition of success is to be a successor. It involves needing to be better at something than someone else. If success—therefore competition—is what my life was about, then that wouldn’t make me happy. What would make me happy would be having close relationships with people who I feel I could depend on.

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